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How to Remove iBooks DRM and Read iBooks on PC

iBooks are one of the best applications for reading ebooks. Users can buy a great number of the most fashionable and popular books from apple book stores online. But the point is that almost the books you have bought or downloaded from the online shops contain Apple Fairplay DRM(Digital Rights Management). Thus if you want to enjoy these books on your Windows system or other delicate e-readers, you have to remove the drm protections first. This article aimed at providing you an easy and capable way to make it available for you to read iBooks on your PC as well as other devices.

How to bypass the restriction of the drm?

First of all, run iTunes, click the ”Library”-“Books” menu on the left panel. Then a list of your books will display on the right area. Next, right click the ebooks you need to use, and select  menu “Show In Windows Explorer”, the  books will pop up in the new window. Or you can directly open the ebooks in the directory: “C:\Users\<user name>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books\” or “C:\My Documents\<user name>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books\”.

Certainly, when you find the books you need to use, you can try to read them via other software (such as Adobe Reader, Nook, FireFox plugin, Calibre) to check if the ebooks are added with restriction. If the books cannot be opened, that demonstrates the books contains drm. In this case, you can not copy and backup these books, neither share them with your friends, let alone reading them on non-Apple devices series. As a matter of fact, ebooks that include drm can only be read on the devices like iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad which are authorized by the Apple iTunes ID.

Now that we purchased an eBook, we should have the right to read it on any device we like. Removing DRM won't hurt anyone's benefit, unless we make it as piracy for business purpose.

Use this software to remove DRM.


Some non-IOS system e-readers or software are listed as following:

Adobe Digital Editions is ebook reader software from Adobe Systems built using Adobe Flash. It is used for acquiring, managing and reading eBooks, digital newspapers, and other digital publications.

Calibre is free and open source e-book computer software that organizes, saves and manages e-books, supporting a variety of formats. It also supports e-book syncing with a variety of popular e-book readers and will, within DRM restrictions, convert e-books between differing formats.

Stanza is an early entrant into this market, featuring a clean, well-organized interface that's designed for reading all kinds of digital publications, including electronic books, newspapers, PDFs, and general web content.

Nook for PC/Mac is a simple, very easy to use tool specially designed to offer you the possibility of reading e-books with just a few clicks.

Kindle for PC application was designed to be a free tool that lets you read Kindle books on your PC-no Kindle required.

Please Note

After you have successfully removed the ibooks drm, you should only take them as self-use, never distribute them to any one else or share them on other  public domains.


If you purchase eBooks from Amazon Kindle, Sony, BARNES & NOBLE(Nook), Kobo, etc.
Epubsoft Ebook Converter can convert these ebooks directly to another format you like. No matter the books are drm protected or not.

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